Dear Eric,

Dear Eric,

You dont know me,

Why would you? I mean I’m sure its not everyday you get caught talking to a sofa. Anyway, I saw this little tweet of yours…

I wanted to check,

You know this wasn’t Jesus right?

Just wanted to check.

Hope you’re well.


Reading “Credulous”

Every now and then, Sofa is lucky enough to get a moment to read a book. The interestingly titled “Credulous” is the last that landed in my direction… and it’s an interesting one to define and describe, without referring to the subtitle itself: “A journey through life, faith, and the church bulletin.

Well let’s ignore the church bulletin bit, but concentrate on the word “journey”, because that’s what this is. In a warm chatty style, Andrea L. Lingle talks all things life, and in amongst life starts to unpick and deconstruct her faith.

I am tired of being a person of the cross. I am tired of blood and violence. I am tired of wearing a symbol of torture around my neck and claiming that God loves me and I love God. I want to be a person of something else.

Whilst very chatty, this is book that highlights some of those parts of the bible that may feel a little tired. Such as detail about mustard seeds.

I’ll struggle to look at mustard seeds in the same way after this book. I will definitely struggle to see how much the church can be like the kingdom of God without being ridiculously flown out.

Throughout the book, Andrea L. Lingle journeys through her reasons to leave the church, such as grief, cynicism, and disillusionment.

Yet somehow though this journey, she seems to find more of a God waiting to offer Grace, and journey through life with her.

Everyone always told me that prayer was talking to God. What if prayer is being with God?

Credulous is found on Amazon UK and Amazon US. (Affiliate links)

A Christian Work From Home Schedule

Hello brave new world. Well I say “new world”, we’ve been all living with this weird lock down for a while, and lets face it – some parts of this lockdown life may well stay with us for a while. Such as Working from Home, which begs the question, How should a Christian Work from Home Schedule look like?

9am. Prayer Time.

Thats it.

Anyone complains, quote Luke 10:38-42 at them*.

*No. Dont do this. You’ll get sacked. With good reason.