Angry Sermon of The Week

Well. I say Angry…

I’m not sure if angry is the right word for it… Would Hate preaching be more accurate way to describe this guys… rant? Actually perhaps “sermon” isn’t the right word either? Perhaps the title for this blog is simply wrong?

Another question. Leviticus 20 is nestled within a bunch of chapters, containing a bunch of laws. For anyone wondering why he doesn’t speak about any of the others, it seems that Leviticus 20 is [art of their Doctrinal Statements:

We believe that sodomy (homosexuality) is a sin that is against nature. A person will only burn in their lust toward the same gender if they have been given over to a reprobate or rejected mind. God said homosexuality should be punished with the death penalty, as set forth in Leviticus 20:13. No homosexual will be allowed to attend or join All Scripture Baptist Church.

All Scripture Baptist Church


Where is the sense of Justice, peace, hope? Love?

Alternative Sermon of The Week – A Call For A Moral Revival

Its not quite a sermon. But it kinda is…

Poverty, ecological devastation and oppressive systems are among some of the biggest issues facing America today. Reverend William Barber and Reverend Liz Theoharis believe that it’s time to address these issues with a uniting approach. They’ve traveled the country, following and guiding the Poor People’s Campaign: a wave of nonviolent civil disobedience first started by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Their aim? To shift the narrative around poverty and empower all.

Alternative Sermon of The Week: “Stop giving your life to Jesus” – Glen Scrivener

A while back, I got the fantastic chance to road trip over to Kent for The Youth Work Summit. A fantastic collection of Ted Talk style… talks, aimed at empowering and equipping youth workers, and I guess, people that work with young people.

This was one of our groups stand out moments.

Can I suggest this post on Tips for a Successful Christian Road Trip for an insight in to some of what we got up to…