Church Online: A personal highlight

While having the church livestream on…

Guy leading prayers online: “…you might want to pause in the quietness…

Home: *The lounge echoes with sounds of the globe being smacked by a lightsaber… moments before said globe is kicked into the Christmas tree.*

Christmas 2020.

Are you ready for this?

How To Have A Christmas Carol Service At Home

white bauble on christmas tree

Its Christmas! (I’m allowed to say that now right?)

Its 2020. Its been a weird year, and lets face it. This Christmas is going to be a little different to the normal. (Sorry – we’re probably gonna get a bit bored of saying “its all a bit different this year”)

As part of this “little different” Christmas, along with everything else, Christmas Carol services are going online.

So. What do you do at home to replicate that Christmas Carol Service feel?

Here are a few ideas…

  1. Probably some sort of internet connection – or phone line.
  2. Turn off the lights.
  3. A Nativity dress up costume, or Santa.
  4. Have access to Youtube, Facebook, or something to watch the church carol service online.
  5. Get Candles lit
  6. Get more Candles lit
  7. Mulled Wine. No, more than that.
  8. Have some sort of advent crown thing. Possibly with candles. Possibly with dry plant attached.
  9. Take bets on how long it will be before someone, somewhere has “issues” with the amount of lit candles.
  10. Have a fire extinguisher on stand by.

Anything I’ve missed?

Dress up for Christmas, AND SOCIAL DISTANCE!

Its Christmas time! (Tell me you’ve noticed)

Its a time of Christmas jumpers, Christmas shopping, and dressing up in all things… Christmas like?

Its also 2020, so its probably wise to ensure you’re keeping your distance from… everyone.

This could be your chance to have the best of both worlds.

Dress up as a Shepherd for Christmas, and have your own shepherds hook! (Affliate link)

Pick it up from Amazon, and social distance whilst playing a much loved nativity character!

The Weekly Round Up

Ok I’ve not done one of these for a while.

Basically Sofa used to do a round up… I guess posting random silly church stuff from that week, that didn’t fit anywhere else.

In an attempt to bring it back for at least a week, here are some highlights from that beautiful world of Twitter…

Here’s a sermon clip showing that 85% of stats used in sermons are made up.

Is it me or is this sounding a little bit like brainwashing?

While… that last guy was a little musical sounding… here’s something a bit more musical…

And here’s to nothing but peace and love coming from the direction of the church over December…

When Sunday Sermons Become Political Adverts?

Now this is an interesting one. What is it called when a preacher appears to rewrite a Bible verse and preaches on his new version? (To be clear, James Chapter 5 – does not say what he is reading)

I say rewrite I want to think he is preaching from a random Bible translation… I really really do… I just cant find that translation.

Its almost as if he is preaching the gospel of Trump?