Theological Question of The Week

Question. What does it mean to be saved?


For some its a matter of prayer, for some its a matter of the right prayer, others its about behavior, some – works. Its a question that preachers and cleaver people all over, spend time trying to work out the answer to.

Jim Bakker has a test…

You know what? Trump is a test [of] whether you are even saved. Only saved people can love Trump. No, you gotta be really saved! You gotta forgive! You gotta be able to forgive… you forgive when you’re saved!

I guess reinforcing that to be a Christian, is to love God, is a way of getting Christians to vote for Trump?

The Church Sofa Guide To Church: Epiphany

According to Google, today (if I’ve got my scheduling right), is meant to be “Epiphany”. Indeed, Epiphany may be mentioned on a calendar or two around the house.

In case you’re confused about Epiphany is, I figured I would share my research into it…

It seems that Epiphany is at least one of the following:

  1. The manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles as represented by the Magi.
  2. A moment of sudden and great revelation or realization.
  3. When the three kings bothered to turn up the Nativity scene.
  4. The very first time Jesus received some late birthday presents.
  5. An excuse to keep Christmas decorations up a little longer.
  6. A swift spiritual kick to the head. (According to the Buffy The Vampire Slayer spin off – Angel).*
  7. A realisation that if the Wise Men haven’t arrived yet, you can still drink like its Christmas. Right?
  8. Evidence that Nativity play writers aren’t sure what they’re talking about. (But, I guess, the amount of lobsters that seem to appear at the birth of Jesus, should also be another clue).

Any other explanations out there?

*This does not give church leaders an excuse to give kicks to the head… I don’t think.

Donald Trump Has Brought Christmas Back to America?

I missed this in December. It seems that on the lead up to Christmas, pastor Robert Jeffress appearing on Fox to praise Donald Trump, question House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s faith, and argued that Donald Trump had brough Christmas back to America.

Again. Please remind me of the time that America…didn’t do Christmas?

Send Paula White Your First Fruits!

So its January, which means that Paula White, spiritual advisor to Donald Trump is wanting your “first fruits”.

According to her website

Twenty symbolizes redemption. The Hebrew letter “kaph” represents the number 20. Kaph is a palm, an open hand, in Hebrew. It signifies giving freely with the palm up, or covering sin with the palm down. Strongs Concordance shows the number “2020” (hatstsalah) means: Deliverance or Freedom.

Right now as we are at the doorway of 2020, I declare deliverance and freedom over your house. I proclaim this is your year- It all begins with honoring God with His First Fruitsas instructed in His Word, I will explain… I declare freedom and favor over you beginning RIGHT NOW! This is an incredible prophetic moment… I believe we will override and overturn everything that has misguided you and manipulated you. We have to leave 2019 and enter 2020 strong!

Her website also includes a longish video about how offering first fruits is honouring to God.

The good news, is that theres a handy link there to help you give “first fruits”, as a donation to Paula White Ministries.

Obviously. The more you give. The more free stuff you get back.

I’ve tried joining in with First Fruits on Twitter, but I’m not sure if this is what she is after…

Please let me know if anyone actually delivers some fruit to Paula White Ministries.

The Big 2019 Church Sofa List of Favourite Things

As 2019 crashes to an end, I’m going to carry on a tredition (that has only happened for a year so far), and share some bits and pieces I’ve enjoyed seeing / reading / listening to over the last 12 months. They’ve all particularly inspired, or at least held my attention in some way.

There will also be Church Sofa highlights thrown in there as well.

There may well be affiliate links thrown in to the mix, but if you dont know any of the below I’d encourage you to check it all out.

Some of my favourite books from this year:

Church Sofa Guide.

One of the interesting things of running a blog, is seeing the random stuff that people search for… which leads to your site.

One of them was “should you bring biscuits when visiting a vicar?” – which in turn led to the post entitled – Should You Bring Biscuits When Visiting A Vicar?

My Favourite Movies of 2019

  • Avengers – Endgame. Because, Endgame was always going to be the top of my list.
  • Star Wars – The Rise of Skywalker
  • Lego Movie Part 2 – Due to the “Two thumbs up it received from Little Sofa”
  • Frozen 2… Because. Why not?

Favourite Work Mug of 2019.

Ok I admit it. Its not a mug I have, nor do I really need a work mug. But if I was to have work mug, it would have to be this one.

My Favourite Songs of 2019

  • I
  • Refuse
  • To
  • Say
  • Into the Unknown from the Frozen 2 soundtrack – but its all I can think of right now.

Favourite Church Notice Board

Hopefully this will be a moto for everyone in 2020.