Are You Happy Now?

A new organisation has been launched called “Action for Happiness”, which according to the BBC website is “The world’s first membership organisation dedicated to spreading happiness”

If I was being cynical I would be tempted to ask how “Happiness” is measured, but the Action for Happiness Website seems to be down at the moment – kinda stopping how much research I can do into this.

Therefore I’m just going to leave you with a few questions:

  • Are we really a depressed nation?
  • What gets people down?
  • What can we do about that?
  • What is the key to happiness?

The Telegraph – The 10 secrets to a happy life
BBC News


Baptism by Webcam?

It seems that distance is no longer an issue when it comes to Baptism Services:

An unusual baptism has been held at a West Yorkshire church, with one of the godparents taking part despite being thousands of miles away.

Yvonne Atkin was able to join in the service for her seven-month-old nephew, Matthew, at St Mark’s church in Utley, while sitting at home in New Zealand.

Miss Atkin made her promises as godparent using a webcam and a laptop.

Vicar Derek Walmsley said: “Technology is often used for bad things, but this is a good way to use it.”

Janet Wordley, who lives in Silsden with her husband Chris, wanted her sister Yvonne to be godparent even though she lived on the other side of the world.

BBC News

Now… I’m in two minds. As I’m sure you’ve guessed… we both have geekish leanings, and I personally think that the idea behind this is fantastic. After all, whats not to like about the church helping a family come together during an event like this?

But can it really replace being there?

The Weekly Round Up – With a Fundamentalist Flavour Edition

Welcome to this weeks weekly round up:

  • Richard Littledale looks the relationship between preachers and rubber ducks.
  • The Blue Fish asks if Joseph is a story of comedy or a tragedy?
  • JesusNeedsNewPR comments on an American documentary series called 20/20, who has an episode looking at the Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches… Warning: If the that Westboro lot make your blood pressure raise – you may want to avoid this…
  • … but on that subject… in a week that a fresh Westboro baptist documentary was shown in the UK, the same old links went flying around the place… one of the best I saw was what happened when Westboro Baptist went to protest at the Twitter Offices…
  • On a different subject, the ASBO Jesus has a TShirt shop!!! I think I’ve already found a ******* *** **** (censored due to that person sometimes reading this)
  • And finally… part of me so wants to drive this!!

The #howtosurviveachurchAGM List

So you’re there, at the Church Annual General Meeting, its ten minutes in and you’re already planning your exit strategy… What do you do to escape the meeting… What do you do… The list we came up with:

  1. Gnaw your own legs off, or dig a tunnel…
  2. Arrange for the youthclub to turn up half way through the AGM – pop out to deal with it!
  3. Light the thurible under the smoke detector (be careful with this… the meeting may be postponed until another time)
  4. Volunteer to help count the votes… resist the temptation to tamper with the results (200 Votes for the Church Cat to join the PCC may seem funny, but apparently isn’t acceptable behaviour…)
  5. Create make believe child… that you need to rush out and look after… because your make believe child is crying…
  6. Volunteer your mate sat next to you for things when they’re not paying attention.

With thanks to @Gerrarrdus for joining in the game with some of the above suggestions… just a shame my reception died… Please feel free to tweet or comment any of your suggestions!