Weekly Round Up – The #retrogames Edition

Welcome to this weeks roundup:

Want To Help Build Noah’s Ark?


Want to help Noah get his Ark built?

Want to help get all the animals together, and ensure they don’t starve?

Now you can with thanks to the Noah’s Ark game on Facebook, according to the Making Fun Games website:

Play the game based on the well-known story of Noah’s Ark. Help Noah and his family prepare before the flood arrives. Attract, feed, and take care of cute animals, plant and harvest crops, and chop wood that will be used to build the ark. The game is suitable for players of all ages and levels.

So its just like Farmville then?

Cant help but compare this a little to ChristianChirp – the Christian alternative to Twitter… But I suppose at least you have to be part of Facebook to play.


5 Ways To Start A Fight Online #digidisciple

Getting stuck in…

Woke up feeling grumpy?

Felt uninspired at work?

Or do you just wanna start a fight on Twitter?

Here are five suggestions to get you started:

  • Discuss how Rob Bell is wrong, hell is there, and how the idea of love winning is a bit sappy…
  • Point out how Mark Driscoll may sometimes possibly seem (to some people) a little flippent… Sometimes…
  • That old newspaper… Yeah “The News Of The World”. What ever happened to that? It was quite an enjoyable read really wasn’t it…
  • Discuss how other Church denominations are missing the point, and only your Church is truly Christian.
  • Never discuss, never converse, never seem human.

But seriously now…

The great thing about the net is that there are all sorts of ways to discuss and engage about different subjects with different people that we may not necessarily be able to discuss about or with, if we were to step away from the computer. Its easy once you now know how. You can just click a button.

The problem is, it’s just as easy to be flippant about something or someone, or react out of anger to someone who is being flippant. You can just click a button.

I read a blog post about Mark Driscoll the other day which basically suggested that if you were a Rob Bell fan, to think about how you felt when people were knocking him about “Love Wins”, before you had a pop about something Mark Driscoll said.

I suppose its easy to react, and forget about simple Jesus comments like: “Doing to others as you would have them do to you”. I know I forget.

Maybe we sometimes need to think before we click the button.

This post originally appeared on The Big Bible

Weekly Roundup – How to Be Average

Hello, and welcome to this weeks weekly roundup:

The Church Sofa Self Indulgent List of Stuff

Well… its our birthday, and we’re going to indulge ourselves a little by looking at the more interesting search terms people have used to come across the Church Sofa:

  1. “Church Irony”
  2. “Can i get married in a c of e church on a thursday?” –  I wanna guess maybe…
  3. “andy hood mackay” – I’m intrigued by this one. Just for the record… we’re not married… nor do we have a double barrelled surname….
  4. “ben sheward” – That legendary Westminster Abbey Verger   – Our first and so far only Hero of The Week!!!
  5. “church agm funny” – Are they? Really?
  6. “101 things to do when your bored uk” – I think… This was a result of when my computer died a long… painful… slow death
  7. … on that note a quite a lot of people have paid us a visit searching for “why macs are better than pcs”. For some odd reason a lot more people typed it this way round instead of PCs being better then Macs… Cant think why…
  8. “lego church pews” – Seriously? Really? Ouch? (I would guess this was something to do with the Lego Easter)
  9. “life is a pile of good things and bad things” – Wise words from the Doctor.
  10. And finally… “bench ball rules“. Yes yes it does!