My Last Day

Well. Here’s a little something. Not in a terrible way.

A little late for Easter.

But here’s a little something for the anime fans out there….

(Maybe best to watch without small kids around to start with)

The Grand Church Reopening Question

the First Church of Springfield Sign Generator

So last Sunday I asked a question to Twitter. With covid restrictions lifting and all*…

How do we all feel about churches going back to “normal”?

Here are the results:

Basically. Either we’re not sure what normal is, or we’re in no rush to get there.

What the heck does this mean?

I don’t know.

But it looks like other people out there don’t really know either.

I guess thats not a bad thing?

*Lets not talk about the India variant for now?

Getting a Christian Bathroom

stylish bathroom with bathtub and bidet

We’ve been in the lucky position recently that we’ve recently had our bathroom renovated. Which means that we’ve had to ask ourselves a lot of bathroom related questions recently.

Here are some of the ideas that we’ve found to go into a Christian Bathroom*. (Affiliate links are below)

  1. A nice big Bath. You know… for people who don’t do baptisms properly.
  2. An ark. You know… to go in the bath.
  3. Have a speaker in there streaming gentle relaxing worship music.
  4. Toilet Paper. With inspirational Christian Tweets printed on them?
  5. Some red wine smelling soap. Because communion.
  6. A label next to the warm water tap, marked as “Holy Water”.
  7. Some bathroom mats.
  8. A glass pen. To write Bible verses on the mirror.
  9. A biblically inspirational shower curtain.
  10. A nice big sink… you know… for people who don’t do baptisms properly.

What would you add?

*Not all of these ideas were accepted into the final bathroom look.