Two guys sat comfortably on a sofa with a can of beer in hand. Not an unusual thing or idea, but what if that sofa was in the middle of church?

That’s what we thought…

The Church Sofa is run by two lads; Andy Mackay and Andy Hood. Both work for the Exeter YMCA. Andy Hood is a worship leader at church and a guitar teacher in his spare time, while alot of Andy Mackays time is taken up with getting ready to welcome Mini Mackay into the world. We both like to chill out with a beer on the sofa. We both enjoy messing around with web and design stuff as well as photography and video. We believe that Church is a place that is very challenging and should push us. We want to be as comfortable being on the edge as we are on our sofa with a beer.

If by any chance you may want to support the church sofa, there are a few ways you could do that:

  • Check out the images at 12 baskets, if you like them; sign up and download the high res versions.
  • Write for us! Further details available from here.
  • We’re available for paid posts and advertising, please use the contact form to get in touch.

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  1. I can’t believe it. Two years blogging and I’ve found Christian bloggers who are local! Many of the folk I stumble across come from the USA or OZ, but there you are just up the road. Wow.

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