A Little Chat About Digital Church

So. Andy has realised he’s going on holiday. 

The good news he’s left me something to waffle on about, and sent me the following message:

“Could do about more about your experience of digital church. Do you get that same connection as you would in real life, what about fellowship and building relationships, is it easier to be invisible is that good or bad? Could virtual 24/7 prayer rooms be a thing?”

Here’s my attempt at answering the above.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we revisit this somepoint soon. We can be found on @messyPew on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Or email complaints at TheMessyPew@gmail.com Or indeed – please leave any feedback below!

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  1. Andy, that was a really fun podcast. Well done!!! I liked your tone and pace. Sorry the other Andy could not be there. I am another Andy but usually go by Andrew. Two things. First . . . 24/7 prayer did actually offer a virtual prayer room and they did it in 2004 in my virtual space on Habbo called Suddenly Seminary. It was led by Jonah (24/7 Prayer leader in Spain) and Carlos (24/7 Prayer leader in Mexico). It was cool!!!! Secondly, can you tell me more about the digital nun who just passed away. Links??????

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