What Did You Take From The Sermon?

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Have you ever been in Church at the end of the sermon, just to be encouraged to turn to your neighbour, and share what you took from the sermon?

Almost like some form of punishment for making it through the sermon without using the escape tunnel out of the Church?

But what is an acceptable answer?

Here are a few ideas of what Sofa has taken from past sermons.

  1. The Holy Spirit is a Seal?
  2. Don’t be like Homer Simpson?
  3. I am not a washing machine.
  4. I shouldn’t have had decaf before the service.
  5. I should put some washing on.
  6. Mental Note: Don’t eat curry on a Saturday night.
  7. Church leaders need a better Star Wars education. Perhaps theres an idea for a training course there?
  8. An idea for new Christian merchandise.
  9. How much communion wine is… you know… too much?
  10. I should make a Lego Jesus figure and take photos of him around the place.

What have you taken from a sermon recently?

(As a side note, finding a stock photo for “listening”, which didn’t feature a small group of people having a chat, or listening on headphones, was harder than I expected.)

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