Does Jonah Need New PR?

Inspired by Sunday Schools of yesteryear, we’re asking if Jonah Needs New PR? We wonder if there are some characters in the Bible that get given a hard time, if that is fair, and would we do anything different? 

Is there more to Jonah than just the thing with the whale? What can we take from the whole thing?

A Chat About Digital Church The Messy Pew

So. Andy has realised he's going on holiday.  The good news he's left me something to waffle on about, and sent me the following message: "Could do about more about your experience of digital church. Do you get that same connection as you would in real life, what about fellowship and building relationships, is it easier to be invisible is that good or bad? could virtual 24/7 prayer rooms be a thing?" Here's my attempt at answering the above. Complaints / comments / ideas / questions / embarrassing church stories can come via @messyPew on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Or email at — Music by Monday_Hopes from Pixabay

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