The Lego Bible Tour. Genesis 3.

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Genesis Chapter 3.

Well this is our first weird mess of a chapter.

On one hand, it’s straightforward.

On the other hand is it a tale of God being a stroppy parent. Or is it a tale of choices? Is there something there about temptation?

Is this a reminder of the importance of reading the chapter, not just remembering what was taught in Sunday School?

I should explain, that I remember there being alot of chat in the Bible about the ethics of doing THE ONE THING they weren’t meant to do, which isn’t really there. You know… the temptation between the snake and Eve, the chat between Eve and Adam.

It’s all very matter of fact, and there are consequences. But.

Where is this tree, and was there an actual angel? I don’t know.

As I said it’s a weird mess. And perhaps my memory of it isn’t lining up with what I read. Perhaps it’s one of those chapters to read, and then read slowly. Before backing away? Or maybe. There’s something here about God when life is looking like a mess?


“God made leather clothing for Adam and his wife and dressed them.”??Genesis? ?3:21? ?MSG??.

God took what Adam and Eve were able to do

And he upgraded it.

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