Magic 8 Ball. What is my purpose? (aka “You Don’t Have to be J.John”)

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We’ve been asked about Gods purpose for our lives. Well the question was: “Does God give us each a specific purpose, generic or both?”

Is there a specific formula for finding Gods purpose, or is it something more complicated? And indeed, do we get more hung up on then we should do?

Do we have to be J.John?

Can Bill and Ted help us in our thinking about God, and finding God’s purpose?

Is it more helpful to think about it all along the lines of “finding our why”?

We also touch on what language we can use in a prayer journal.

Also… Is it socially acceptable to record a podcast in a 24/7 prayer room?

On a side note, we had a few technical issues with his one, and I think you can tell. Sorry about that, and also Andys voice. It sounds… a little more odd then normal. but he has been ill.

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