Advent. The Time of Christian Peace and Hope?

If Advent is a time of joyful anticipation for Christmas, why are we all shattered?

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Advent. Its a time of hopeful anticipation for Christmas, where we spend time peacefully preparing our hearts for the celebration of Jesus’ birth, right? 

But if thats the case, why are we all so flippin tired? 

Not tired… but really tired. Its not a covid thing, but everyone seems to be tired at this time of year. Is it because we try and do everything?

Go to the Christmas parties? (Once we’ve worked out if we should)

Go to the Christmas services.

Go to the Carol services.

Work out what friends we should see.

Worry about our bank balance. (Allegedly not if you’re a plumber in a famous mega church. Allegedly.)

Where can we find peace in amongst this mess?

Please feel welcome to share your feedback, or embarrassing church stories with us.

Finding peace at advent

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