This Week On The Messy Pew Podcast – The Not Bible Readers Anonymous

This week is all about the questions.

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Questions such as Why are we called The Messy Pew (because we didn’t answer that last time), but we also ask ourselves a number of questions about The Bible.

Where are we meant to read the Bible? Are we really meant to read a chapter a day? Where has the whole idea of a quiet time come from anyway? (Cant it be “sitting upset time”?) Is everyone else reading the bible more than you? And what if you’re not a natural reader? Does that mean you just stuck to a life of guilt whenever Bible reading is mentioned in Church?

Could less be more?

What is the point of Deuteronomy?

Andy also shares another story of socially failing in Church.

Please feel welcome to share your feedback, or embarrassing church stories with us.

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