Lessons in Evangelism – The Tiktok Edition

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Not done one of these for a while.

Perhaps a pandemic has helped us have less human communication or something?


In this instalment of Lessons in Evangelism, we look at how it can look…

Here’s how it looks… (with some language warnings for little ears)

Now. I’m not sure how I’d feel if a random dude came up and started speaking like that to my daughter when she’s older, (no matter their reasonings), but it also looks like he’s received a fair amount of hate online. And I’m keen not to add to that, to him on a personal level.

I do wonder if there is case to be made here that Church teachings may have suggested to him that this was ok behaviour?

Now the dude did try and post a video sharing his reasonings, but sadly they seem to have been deleted.

So I guess we’re left with the slightly sweary video…

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