Did Jim Bakker Say That God Can’t Hear Prayers Through a Mask?

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Well… Someone could possible imagine Jim Bakker saying:

How can you go to church and pray when you’re wearing a mask? Do you think God can hear your prayers through a mask?” —- Televangelist Jim Bakker

Which is a quote from a now deleted tweet (poor guy), which according to snopes, is itself quoting a satire website thebiznews.org… which from the looks of it appears to be The Babylon Bee for the other side of the force.

So thats a lot of quotes from quotes there.

Whats my point?

Can we please be careful over the information we all share? This isn’t a “Twitter thing” at all, but its about the information we all share with each other. (Be it on Twitter, WhatsApp prayer groups, Church Facebook groups, etc)

Can I suggest one thing to combat misinformation like this?

If it sounds crazy too good to be true, google it.

If it sounds crazy bad – or just crazy, google it.

And obviously, if you see The Sofa share something. Feel free to tweet him about it. Nicely….

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