Psalm 3 – My Shield

But you, O Lord, are a shield around me; you are my glory, the one holds my head high.

Psalm 3:3, New Living Translation

Steve Rogers is a small weak kid with a big strong heart. He ends up the subject of a science experiment and becomes Captain America. A seemingly unstoppable hero. Unlike some of the other heroes on the Marvel Universe like Thor and Iron Man who have a magic hammer from another world or an array of weapons at their disposal, Captain America only carries a shield. His shield is both his defence and his attack.

Psalm 3 is a great testimony to the power and strength of God. Written by King David about a time when he was fleeing his own son who had turned on him. David makes great statements of faith after declaring God as his shield. ‘I am not afraid of ten thousand enemies..'(verse 6) and ‘Victory comes from you, O Lord…’ (verse 8)

It’s easy to forget that there is a battle raging constantly all around us. It’s one that we can’t see, it’s one between heaven and hell, fought in a realm that we can’t see. It’s a battle fighting for all of our hearts and souls.

God is our shield. He is both our defender and the one leading the charge against the enemy.


Thank you God that you are my shield. If you are for me, who can possibly stand against me. Help me to stay true to you and your calling on my life and to trust in your strength not mine. Amen.

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