Giving something up for Lent in 2021

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Hey, did you know that Lent is still a “thing” this year? Considering we basically all living on coping mechanisms in the UK, I figured Lent was… cancelled or something?

According to the email from the vicar, Lent isn’t cancelled – which has got me wondering. What is there left to give up for lent?

Here are a few ideas…

  1. Exercising somewhere a little different.
  2. Seeing people.
  3. Popping out for pint.
  4. Getting stressed about home schooling/
  5. Forgetting to wear a mask when out.
  6. Nipping to the shops for chocolate.
  7. Forgetting to remember to put healthy boundries in place between work and home life.
  8. Lockdowns*

Any other ideas?

*To be clear. Sofa approves of lockdowns, masks and stuff that helps to protect people – but I’m not sure what else is out there to stop!

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