The Weekly Round Up

Its been a month or so since I’ve done one of these. Maybe I should call this a monthly round up?

Basically Sofa used to do a round up – used to be weekly which involved posting random silly church stuff from that week, that didn’t fit anywhere else.

In an attempt to bring it back for at least a week, here are some highlights from that beautiful world of the church internet…

Hillsong Hit With Lawsuits

It seems…

The beleaguered Hillsong Church is facing a whole new set of internal issues this week after two real estate lawsuits were filed against them over an alleged failure to pay rent during the pandemic and building a structurally unsound apartment complex.

Vanity Fair

Check out Vanity Fair for more information.

Church for Trump

The Church rhetoric for Trump has started ramping up with stuff like this:

MacArthur, who leads Grace Community Church in California, warned Biden against placing his hands on the Bible whilst doing “the very things that blaspheme [God’s] name”. Biden took the Presidential oath of office while placing his hand on an 1893 edition of the Douay Rheims Bible – a Catholic translation – which has been in the family for generations.

Premier Christianity

I dont remember MacArthur having a problem when Donald Trump forced his way through a crowd to take a photo of himself holding a Bible upside down?

Finally… Watch TruNews – SAVE YOUR SOUL

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