Safe Conversations for Christians at Christmas – 2020

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Christmas 2020. The chances are Christmas is going to look different for you. You may be spending a lot of Christmas online with people? You might be spending Christmas with different people.

You may be spending Christmas with the same people you normally do.

Either way, Christmas seems to be a time when people talk a bit more than they normally do, and you may not be talking with people that agree with you. You may end up with people who vote Donald Trump, when you vote correctly Biden, or you may find yourself sharing a Turkey with people who voted remain, when you like the idea of Brexit.

Basically… you might find yourself with people you totally disagree with…

So here are a few safe Christian conversation starters that might help over Christmas…

  1. Santa. Best in Green or Red?
  2. What would Jesus build?
  3. Lets open some windows?
  4. How silence can help us connect with the world within us.
  5. Its a bit different this year isn’t it…
  6. Favourite books of the year.
  7. The joy of mince pies
  8. Rob Bell or John Piper?
  9. Coke or Pepsi?
  10. At what point should there be a new church set up for the new “car parks” in Kent?
  11. If Santa and Jesus shared a drink, what would they order?
  12. Rules of PCC top trumps.
  13. Most acceptable online sermon length.
  14. If I had a Bible verse on my mask, what should it be?
  15. More Tea?
  16. This sucks, right?

What should be added?

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