Online Christmas Carol Service Bingo

We would normally be entering the world of Christmas Carol Services in Churches around the world right now. While some churches may be hosting “something”, lets face it – the church isn’t going to be packed this year.

Normally, I sit there and wonder about how familiar they feel, and out of that feeling – the Christmas Carol Service Bingo Card were born…

While, as everything is a “little different” this year – this years bingo cards are also a little different.

Feel free to print them out and play bingo in your kitchen / on the sofa / back row / shed / bus / bed / supermarket queue in a carpark / where ever church looks like these days…

Obviously don’t shout AMEN if you complete a line, shout HARK! or something… You can say that as loud as you want this year. Unless you actually are in a bus, or a supermarket queue or something.

That might be strange.

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