Why Christians Get Sick

"Why Christians get sick" Book

So before I get into this, Sofa has IBS, and asthma, and a “complex relationship with food”. Why I’m I saying this? Well, not often, but sometimes I feel kinda sick. Nothing serious, (well there was that one time where I wasn’t right…), but I wanted to explain a little why this got my attention when it came up on my Twitter feed.

For some bizarre reason, I looked that the title of “Why Christians get sick”, and decided to jump down an Amazon shaped black hole, and yes. The book description tells you all you already know.

In this candid, easy-to-understand book, Rev. Malkmus shares his knowledge and insight with you as you discover:

  • The diet given to us direct from God as written in the Bible.
  • How to live a healthy life according to His plan—the life He intended for you.
  • The foods you should and shouldn’t eat. And much more.

Apply this eye-opening knowledge, Christian or not, and become free from most every physical problem known to man!

If you fancy it. Why Christians Get Sick is available from Amazon.co.uk (affiliate link)

(Hat tip to Christian Nightmares for the find)

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