10 Excuses For Being Late to A Church Zoom Meeting

Meetings. They can be easy be late to right? Things like travel, people, and last minute things can lead to lateness without too much imagination needed when you need an excuse.

What about Zoom meetings*? You cant be late to a meeting if that meeting is online right? So what can you can say if you’re late to a meeting that is basically in your spare room?

Here’s our collection.

  1. The traffic on the staircase was a nightmare
  2. The kids were climbing on the laptop, which they had managed to smuggle to the top of the climbing frame. The situation needed the best of your negotiation skills.
  3. You had been led to rest in the spirit. (Probably best you don’t say this first thing, as they will guess that you just didn’t wake up)
  4. There was a chaos in the office kitchen.
  5. You were busy praying.
  6. Well, you kinda took the wise choice last night to actually turn off your laptop. The thing is you didn’t take that in account today so you had to wait an age before the laptop let you do anything. (Take the opportunity to begin a crowdfunder for new kit**)
  7. One moment you were waiting for the host to let you in. The next, the Spirit had taken you away. (Yes – to the fridge – but don’t say that)
  8. Launch into a 7 minute long tirade on the dangers of internet, and its influence on our abilty to remain undistracted. At the end, act like nothing was wrong, and carry on regardless.
  9. You were busy arguing on Twitter evangelising online.
  10. If nothing else. Blame the internet. Be glad you’ve put clothes on.

What would you add?

*Obviously other online chat solutions are available.

**Thinking about that could be helpful…

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  1. Three suggestions:

    There was a really long queue for the bathroom – don’t try this one if you live alone!

    I was dealing with an urgent family phone which couldn’t wait until after the service.

    I forgot it was Sunday. (I actually forgot it was Sunday one week).

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