Should I Go To That Church Thing?

I don’t know how Coronavirus is impacting things where you are? There’s obviously some parts of the world which are basically in lock down at the moment, here in the UK… things are a little more fluid.

Basically the Coronavirus situation as things currently understand – in my non-expert understanding*, its basically a case of- if you have a continuous cough or a fever stay home.

So if you’re confused if you should do that “Church thing”, I hope the following flow chat will help you make up your mind.

Should I go to a Church event - a flow chart.

I know its no shock that Sofa is telling anyone its ok to not go to Church… but trust me on this… this time.

On a serious note, if you are self isolating. Let someone at your Church know. They might be able to help with something.

*Do you think I covered myself enough with this?

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