6 Christian Responses to Coronavirus

6 Christian Responses to Coronavirus

It was observed on Twitter the other day*, that there seems to be a number of “5 Christian Responses to Coronavirus” style blogs posted on the internet. After 2 seconds of research, Sofa felt qualified to add its suggestions to what a “Christian Response” would look like.

But… wanting to be seen to be original, here are Church Sofas, 6 Christian Responses to Coronavirus

  1. Ensure any information you take on board, and share with others is from sensible, and well researched sources. Sofa personally recommends reading random blogs, with a history of writing silly lists.
  2. We all know Church groups love doing craft. Buy up all the toilet roll so they dont run out of toilet roll insides.
  3. Water Guns. Wine. Communion Service.
  4. Recognize during a church service that a lot of people are anxious at this time, encourage people to be calm each others nerves by offering each other a Holy Kiss.
  5. Take the opportunity to evangelise to your neighbours, and invite them to a virtual Bible Study looking at Exodus 40:31.
  6. Only stock the toilets with toilet paper – after the sermon has finished. (No – hang on – someone has already seriously suggested that.)

Are there any you would add?

*@digitalnun and @TheChurchMouse on Twitter – I thank you.

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