This Week in The Internet. The One About Climate Change, and Brexodus.

“This week in the internet” – Where The Sofa shares some of the random things he’s come across in Christian Internet this week. This week seemed to be filled with people being upset about a girl, who in turn appears to be upset about how we’re treating the planet.

Before we move onto that…


And now a reading from the The Book of Brexodus, chapter 32 , verse 8 – 12…

8 The ERG urged the country to hurry, and leave the Union. “For otherwise,” they said, “the remain MPs will change their minds!”  “And mine’s a pint!” said Nigel Farage. “Today UKIP, tomorrow the Brexit Party, next week the World on WTO terms!” So the people took the result of the referendum upon their shoulders, and vowed to work together despite their differences… Oh sorry, no, that’s a typo.
9 And lo, three main contenders arose, to take the place of Cameron. Each one pledged to let their people go out of the EU. But the first, Leadsom, made an inappropriate comment about a rival’s childless state. And she was spurned, and dropped out of the race.
10 Then another rose up, and said “Look, elect me as leader and we’ll emerge onto sunlit uplands – build a bridge to Calais – millions a week for the NHS – no more project fear – no more sp*ffing money up the wall…”
11 But a third contender rose from his countryside campaign headquarters, standing firm to stab Johnson in the back. The giant fell, rolling to the ground, taking with him Gove. So May, the insulted one, entered unopposed into the throne upon the high place (well, Downing Street, anyway).

Brexodus preparations
12 Three years passed, and the people were united. Union Flags and EU colours lived in harmony and peace, and the land prospered as MPs spoke with care and wisdom to their counterparts in Brussels.  And it came to pass that a deal was agreed and, for the sake of the nation, for certainty and for leaving on time, all remembered their differences no more and backed the deal…  Sorry, no, another typo or two there.

The Book of Brexodus, chapter 32 , verse 8 – 12

Read more over at Look out for the section on Yellowhammer.

Dont listen to Greta Thunberg. She’s young.

Or at least that appears to be one of the points that Premier Christianity seem to be saying in this opinion piece…

As the mouthpiece of a youth movement that demands more action on climate change, she’s become one of the most powerful women in the world, regularly given audiences with world leaders, and all over the news. Democratic senator Ed Markey recently told the 16-year-old: “We need your leadership.” That’s quite a mantle to handle to anyone, never mind a teenager.

I hope no-one paid too much attention to my political opinions when I was her age. The advice I gave – all too quickly – was patchy at best, and no wonder. I had little life experience, I hadn’t read much, I had little exposure to opinions other than my parents and a few teachers, and even worse, I had the over-confidence of the young: I thought I was absolutely right about everything. I’m now more aware of my limitations, though there’s still plenty of way to go on that one! But I’m so glad I’ve grown up and that many of those opinions have changed. 

Premier Christianity

Not much talk about what she is saying, rather appears to be saying that she is young. Therefore her opinions will probably change in the future. I feel suggesting that climate change is an opinion, not something about us all at least trying to look after our planet better.

It is worth noting that a response piece was published on Premier Christianity two days after. Possibly due to the heat taken on Twitter?

The Greta Thunberg. Helpline.

Warning for one or two swears.

What I’m Listening to this week.

So. I’ve discovered the Beer Christianity Podcast this week…

Lets see what positive news comes from the upcoming week…

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