Lego Jesus – The Easter Chronicles: Good Friday

A long time ago, Sofa took a series of photos showing Lego minifigures performing the Easter story. My first real attempt at Toy Photography, that was inspired by the Bible. Here is how that turned out. I’ve always meant to try updating the photos, here is the new attempt…

Mark Chapter 15

With a loud cry, Jesus breathed his last.

Mark Chapter 15

Alright. Quick note about this one, and my attempt at explaining why I’ve taken this as a photo for Good Friday. I guess I have two seperate trains of thought about the above picture.

One. There are certain… technical issues involved with hanging a Lego figure on a cross. Basically I wasn’t keen on taking Lego Jesus apart – particularly when I couldn’t be sure I would be able to put him back together.

Second reason. Well, I wondered. If I was a disciple where would I be? You can argue its cool to hate on Peter for his actions on Maundy Thursday, but at least he was around, involved, and trying. Would I be more likely to be found somewhere quiet? Quietly freaking out about my world falling apart? Or would I be found drinking a pint in The Winchester, waiting for it to all blow over?

There will be more throughout the week… Please come back! (And please share any inspiration for future images)

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