When you have a new welcomer…

Possible other tricks for Church welcomers could include…

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  • Electric hand buzzers
  • See how many leaflets, song sheets, notices, and Bibles. (Yes. Plural). Everyone can be given as they arrive. Take bets on who would drop them all first.
  • A Flower Water Squirter… attached to your shirt.
  • Ask someone who has never been to your church before to join the welcoming team that one Sunday. Watch the confusion on the faces on the regulars as they realise they have no idea who this person is.*
  • Spinning Bow Ties
  • Offer everyone a coffee… while its actually an espresso.
  • Try and hide your head in your top… balance this where your head should be.

Any you can suggest?

*Actually I have happy memories of accidentally being involved in something like this.

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