Weekend Round Up – Meaningful Disagreement

My regular round up of random things I’ve found online this week, which don’t quite fit elsewhere…

Something About Jesus not wanting to be Friends with Donald Trump.

What if…

Donald Trump and Jesus had a conversation? Possibly after Donald Trump tried to send Jesus a friend request on Facebook? How would that go?

Patheos.com has tried to answer that question…

Lord save us from loving disagreement?


“Dear Pastor John, I have been with my girlfriend for eight months now, and I believe that she could be the one God has for me. She loves Jesus, and shows it in many ways. The next step in our relationship is marriage… However, there is only one thing that stops me. … she doesn’t believe homosexuality is a sin… Is this a deal-breaker for our relationship?”


Check out desiringgod.org for the answer given.

Spoiler. There’s nothing there about finding a way to disagree well.


There are plans to set Twitter alight with celebration to mark the 25th anniversary of the first ordinations of women to the Priesthood in the Church of England.

If you’re involved in Church leadership in anyway and on Twitter – PLEASE check out pickingapplesofgold.com

This weeks Twitter High Point…


Something to listen to…

Fan of Gungor, and have Amazon Prime? Look up their new album. Gungor – Archives. arning, possibly a interesting take on “Heaven” lays below…

What did you find online this week?

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