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Welcome back to the weekly round up. A collection of random stuff I may not have got the chance to comment on during the week, or possibly something that went under the radar at the time. (After all, 2 years on we are all still arguing about Brexit).


Have you heard the one about Mormon “gay ‘cure’ therapist” who has come out as gay..? Actually its not funny, I’m not sure why I started the sentence like that…

According to Pink News

David Matheson, a notorious Mormon practitioner of gay ‘cure’ therapy, is now “pursuing life as a gay man.” The therapist was one of the best-known Mormon practitioners of conversion therapy, setting up the Journey into Manhood program in line with church teachings that direct gay people to repress their feelings and marry someone of the opposite sex. But Matheson, who trained under Joseph Nicolosi of National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), has now admitted that he is gay.

Pink news.

The BBC are coming across a little more gentle with their online radio snippet with him.

On a different note… Chad Bird has taken a slight fantasy edge to baptism

If we had eyes to see what really happens in baptisms, we’d treat them as R-rated acts of violence. Not only is a person about to be killed. Not only are we about to witness a drowning. Horrific monsters writhe in the water. Dragons of the sea lurk therein. And a bloody battle, with crushed heads and butchered bodies is about to go down. To treat baptism as cute or sentimental or symbolic is a lie. Abandon all such foolish notions. Every baptism is war.

In a sign that 2019, may make 2016 and 2018 look like a teddy bears picnic, it’s been confirmed that the Doomsday clock has been frozen. (In case you don’t click on the link – its a bad thing…)

And finally…

One could argue that not everyone is convinced by certain… opinions expressed by Mike Pence, the American VP. Someone who has come out to argue against him this week – Lady Gaga. Questionable language from the start…

Do you know of anything else that people should read? Leave a comment below…

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