When The Pastor Goes Over The Top…

Have you ever known a Church Pastor to be a little “over the top”?

Have you ever worried that they would do something a bit… mad one Sunday morning?

Probably best to keep them away from this video clip… (and zip wires).

Obviously… if you do have a zip wire in your church, please let us know how its used…

Slim With Him!

Are you a Christian who… for what ever reason likes the idea of losing a bit of weight? 

Have you wondered what a Christian approach might be to losing weight? 

Check out Slim With Him: A guide to slimming the biblical way. According to Amazon:

Slim with Him is a guide to slimming in an effortless way. It uses the grace that has been freely given to us by Christ, and encourages us to get closer to God, so that our needs will be met through Him, rather than food or a crash diet.

Also available on Kindle. (Affiliate links)