Non Church – Christmas Carol Places…

As long term readers could possibly guess, I occasionally find Christmas Church services kinda… samey. Awesome, but you kinda know what you’re getting with a carol service. Then your church hosts a carol service in the local Ikea. 

Makes me wonder, where should Church people sing Christmas Carols, outside a Church building?

  1. A random shop in town. If tuneful enough, put out a collection box or something. Turn it into busking for the Church Roof Fund.
  2. A Football Stadium. Do it at the same night as your local Uni CU, and claim the crowd as your own.
  3. A pub. Be filled with the spirit this Christmas…
  4. Your local Ikea. Because Ikea meatballs and chocolate are awesome. Please note. Don’t have the meatballs with the chocolate. 
  5. A Stable. With animals. And animal smells.
  6. A busy train station. Because no one needs, yet more people on the platform, like a stressed commuter.
  7. The local garden centre. You could hide and sing amongst the Christmas Tree’s.
  8. Public Toilets. Flash mob and carol singular toilet cubical. Wait for someone to push the cubical open before you all start singing. 
  9. A lift. Fit a tiny band, in a lift. Encourage people to join in the carols as they travel between floors. 
  10. Randomly start singing Christmas Carols in your local supermarket. Perhaps something like this? 

Do you have any ideas to add?

Something For The new Christian in Your Church?

Have you got a new Christian in your Church? 

There can be many questions: When do you stand? How much Communion wine is to much Communion Wine? And what do all those words mean? Why does it feel all a little bit “The greater good” at times? 

Dont send them on a 10 week course, invest in a course of Christianese Tapes instead!* 

Ok, so this “tape” may not actually exist – but if someone would like to create a series of podcasts for me that would be great!

A Very Christian Christmas Tree?

Coming across this picture, I cant help but wonder; What does a Christmas tree for a Christian actually look like?

Does it have Jesus on the top?

Are they decorated with Bible verses?

If you’re really quiet can you hear it gently pray for you?

Do any lights on it shine like stars?

Can someone buy one and please let me know??

Have you played THE EPIC Christmas Party Game?

Do you have relatives worried about Santa, and his place in Christmas?

Do you know people who think there should be a little less St Nick at this time of year?

Do your friends wish people would look up for the Lord more often, and not look for Father Christmas?

Probably best you don’t play this game with them…

Tempted? Amazon is your friend…  (Affiliate link)