To get you in the mood for Fireworks night…

Well this is something that falls into the “dont try this at home” camp. Actually you might not want to do it at church either… at least not the OK from the second church in question.

Even then… it may just be best to go to Greece and watch it there*.

*Maybe even then, you might want to watch from a distance… possibly. 

The Scary Christian TShirt for Halloween

Well, welcome to Halloween. The time of year when there are plenty of Christian questions that are asked.

Questions such as,

  • should we engage with Halloween,
  • If we go Trick or Treating? What do Christians do as trick?
  • What do Christians give as treat?

But the most important question must be…

What should a Christian wear at Halloween? 

Could this be an answer?

Order now from Amazon, and (possibly) get it in time for (a) Halloween!

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Keeping Christian Families Entertained During The Holidays

Welcome to the school holidays! If you don’t have kids, this probably means an easier journey to work, if you do this probably means you, or someone else needs to come up with ways to stop the little darlings from watching nothing but Cbeebies all day long. 

But what can be done to entertain young Christian families throughout the holidays? Well Sofa is here to help*.

Here is our list of ways to keep Christian families entertained during the school holidays…

  1. Compile a list of all the local holiday clubs. GET TO ALL OF THEM.
  2. Learn a Bible verse a day.
  3. Colour in pencil drawings of crosses.
  4. Picnics! AKA portable communions…
  5. Go on a family pilgrimage. (Possibly to the local cheap family friendly pub)
  6. Take all your toilet rolls and try recreating the Tower of Babel.
  7. Encourage the smalls ones to make a joyful noise! Joyful… may mean screaming…
  8. Build a castle out of left over Bible study notes.
  9. Is it raining outside? Time to encourage baptisms in the puddles.
  10. When all else fails… 80s Christians movies on Youtube? (On second thoughts dont do that. Some of them are quite scary!)

Any other ideas you would like to add?

*Obviously “help” is a subjective concept…