When You Have A Substitute Preacher

Do you remember when you were at school? 

Do you remember how everyone seemed to behave a little “differently” when a substitute teacher was involved?

What if churches behaved like that when they have a substitute preacher / minister person? What sort of behavior would that look like? Here’s the Church Sofa list of ideas for activities for when a Church has a substitue pracher…

  1. Sing the wrong tune for each song during worship. For example sing “Amazing Grace” to the tune of “How Great Thou Art”.
  2. Swap the water bottle for vodka.*
  3. Sit down for the hymns Stand up for the sermon (May backfire in case of long sermon).
  4. Give out a different Bible translation to normal.
  5. Have powerpoint style presentation slides? Show all the slides in the wrong order. Possibly also include a good picture of the regular preacher – just to remind people of who they’re missing. 
  6. Write a note on the back of the notice sheet, see how far the note can be passed before the minister gets suspicious.
  7. (If in a more traditional church) Shout AMEN for EACH POINT during the sermons.
  8. (If in a loud charismatic church) Stay quiet during the sermon.
  9. Get a guy to stand at the back making the “your zip is low” motion. Take bets to see how long it takes for the minister to look uncomfortable.
  10. Have a communion service? Swap the red wine for white.

Any other ideas?

*Maybe also hide their car keys. 

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