Big List of Biblical Baby Names

Are you soon to be expecting a beautiful new bouncing baby / daughter / addition to your life? Having a new addition to the family involves a number of important choices, such as choosing pushing chairs, toys, and names. Its choosing a name for your new baby, which can really become a sticking point… Have you considered a Biblical name for your baby?

To help. Here’s our Big List of Biblical Baby Names*

  1. Lois (Named after either a DC comics character, or Timothy’s Gran) 
  2. Mo. (Short for Moses)
  3. Del (Short for Delilah – perfect if from a hair dressing family)
  4. Zurishaddai (It would be fairly unique, and a challenge to school teachers taking the register)
  5. Sam (Short for Samson. Keep them away from anyone called Del)
  6. Mat. (Short for Matthias)
  7. Jude / Judith. (Named after Judas Iscariot) 
  8. Luc. (Short for Lucifer) 
  9. Lot. (His future wife will have lots of fun.)
  10. Andy. (Short for Andrew. Its a good name)

Are there any you think should be included? Obviously… the more interesting the better! 

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