Big List of Biblical Baby Names

Are you soon to be expecting a beautiful new bouncing baby / daughter / addition to your life? Having a new addition to the family involves a number of important choices, such as choosing pushing chairs, toys, and names. Its choosing a name for your new baby, which can really become a sticking point… Have you considered a Biblical name for your baby?

To help. Here’s our Big List of Biblical Baby Names*

  1. Lois (Named after either a DC comics character, or Timothy’s Gran) 
  2. Mo. (Short for Moses)
  3. Del (Short for Delilah – perfect if from a hair dressing family)
  4. Zurishaddai (It would be fairly unique, and a challenge to school teachers taking the register)
  5. Sam (Short for Samson. Keep them away from anyone called Del)
  6. Mat. (Short for Matthias)
  7. Jude / Judith. (Named after Judas Iscariot) 
  8. Luc. (Short for Lucifer) 
  9. Lot. (His future wife will have lots of fun.)
  10. Andy. (Short for Andrew. Its a good name)

Are there any you think should be included? Obviously… the more interesting the better! 

How To Organise Church Chairs

Do you wonder how to organise your church chairs?

Do you have a load of chairs at church, and struggle to get them ordered?

Do you get complaints that people can’t fit their knees in between the rows?

Try this…

Looking Through Bible Lens

You know those inspirational photos, which have an inspirational Bible verse written over the photo in question?

Bible Lens, the new app from YouVersion – aka “The Bible App” that EVERYONE seems to have – have released an app that automates this with the photos you choose from your phones camera library. 

I figured I should give it a run.

Here’s a sample of what I’ve taken so far…

Have you tried The Bible Lens App? Share them with me over at @thechurchsofa on Twitter.