Jeff Sessions, And That Bible Quote…

Have you heard the thing about the american Attorney General Jess Sessions, and his attempt at using the Bible to justify current practice of separating immigrant parents and children.

Wondering what Jess Sessions actually said?

Here it is… or at least a only slightly edited version of it…

I’m sure there are a number of other Bible verses that can be picked out the air for something like this. What other verses could he have said?

Isn’t using the Bible to encourage people to not question the law a little… I don’t know… dodgy?


When Dad Jokes Meet Tea.

Do you like Tea? (If you’re English – I’m going to presume yes)

Do you like Dad Jokes? (You should. We’re funny)

Do you like Jesus? (If you don’t I’d recommend to chat to either your local church, or smart home device)

If you answered yes to the above three questions, can I suggest the mug that combines all the above together?

From Amazon, Here is THE Jesus Mug…

Available from Amazon. Perfect for the Christian Tea drinkers in your life – that appreciate a good joke.

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Introducing… The Trump Prophecy The Movie

Yeap. You read that correctly.

The Trump Prophecy is well… a movie based on a guy that reports having a prophecy that Donald Trump would be President.

According to The Christian Post:

The film focuses on the prophecy of a retired Florida firefighter named Mark Taylor, who claims that God told him in April 2011 that Trump would one day become president. Although Taylor initially thought that meant that Trump would become president in 2012, the prophecy was ultimately fulfilled in November 2016.

There is, indeed a book about all of this as well.

Here’s the trailer for the movie…

Considering the dude was a firefighter, I cant help but feel there should have been a little more… fire stuff?

I wonder what would have to happen to stop it from being shown in October?