How Avengers 4 Follows The Infinity War

STOP! Have you seen Avengers Infinity War yet?

Seriously. I don’t want to be accused of spoilers now…

If you care about Avengers Infinity War (which you should), AND YOU’VE NOT SEEN IT, LOOK AWAY NOW!

Still here…

Scroll past Spoiler Darth for our exclusive look at Avengers 4…

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Have You Survived The End of The World?

Well, it seems the world was due to end today. (Monday 23rd April – in case you’re reading this on a different day.)

Basically, a “Christian Numerologist” called David Meade claimed the world was going to end today due to Planet X colliding with Earth.

Presuming you have survived the apocalypse, you may be interested in this…

The apocalypse / rapture survival card.

Remember. The 10th end time prediction is free.

The POTUS Shield, and The Donald Trump Storm…

Pastor Frank Amedia  and his POTUS Shield group appeared on the Jim Bakker show, discussing conspiracy’s around Donald Trump, storms that are coming, and praying against witches and warlocks that are creating curses.

With all this talk about conspiracies, I almost fancy watching an X File.

How about you?

Need Jesus… And Coffee???

Do you know, that you need Jesus in your life?

Do you need coffee to help you love people?

Maybe you know someone who loves Jesus and Coffee?

Can we suggest this colouring book from Amazon. (affiliate link)

Or alternatively a mug of coffee may help their stress / energy levels a little more…