Last Minute Mothers Day Gift Ideas!

Warning! Its Mothers Day soon (in the UK anyway), have you got a Mothers Day gift yet? I haven’t yet – and while pondering options, I absentmindedly wondered onto Amazon and wondered what results I would get if I did a search for “Christian Mum”.

I’ve taken what I’ve found, and turned it into The Church Sofa Last Minute Christian Mothers Day Gift Idea list. (Beware! Affiliate links are found below)

Something to write in.

Is the mum figure someone who likes writing stuff, there’s this woman’s journal…

Not sure how if its women focused, or if its the same thing as something else – but packaged differently. I’m just happy to see a lack of pink. (Find it here)

Something to listen to

Amazon has the full track list, but I wonder. How did the record company work out what worship tunes to include on this?

Something to help people pray?

Well Amazon had this… 

Something to start conversations with…

Perfect to evangelise the school run!

Amazon Link

Something to watch…

DVD available from Amazon, and I’ve heard rumours that its a good fun Christian movie – that doesn’t take itself too seriously!

What are your ideas for mothers day gifts? (Help me out here)

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