A Soundtrack For Your Easter Holiday – The Manchester Passion

Although I’ve not been there for a while. (Having a kid does things to your wallet).

I love Manchester. To say it holds a special place in my heart is under playing it a fair bit. I spent four years at Manchester Met University, and during that time I fell in love with not just the city and its people, but the music that seemed to be played around that area.

In fact just the other day, I was listening to a 90s music playlist on Amazon, and on came Oasis. In a moment, I pictured myself on the streets of Manchester, worried about programming, and never thinking about Facebook.

Soon after I left Manchester (*typical*), this rather odd sounding event was hosted in Manchester City Centre called, “The Manchester Passion”.

The Manchester Passion was simply described as an Easter Passion play set against the back drop of Manchester, with a Manchester sound.

Personally I wonder if its something more than that.

Anyway. Some lovely person has put the Manchester Passion on Youtube.

The day it comes down, my Easter soundtrack will be changed forever.

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