When A Church Blesses Guns?

While the kids in America are busy being amazing, and making America seem to begin to question their current gun control laws, one church seems to be doing the exact opposite, and is telling couples to bring their semi-automatic rifles to a blessing ceremony this week.

According to thehill.com

A church in northeast Pennsylvania is telling couples to bring their semi-automatic rifles to a blessing ceremony next week.

The event is meant to give couples an opportunity “to show their willingness to defend their familiars, communities and nation,” The Times-Tribune in Scranton reported.

It will take place at the World Peace and Unification Sanctuary in Newfoundland, Pa., on Wednesday.

“All of the weapons in the ceremony will be checked to make sure they are unloaded, with a zip tie so that no bullets can be inserted,” Sanctuary Church president Richard Panzer said in an email, according to the The Times-Tribune.

(Panzer goes on to suggest that if the teachers were armed, then “many lives could have been saved”. Because when you go to school, you expect your teachers to have an AR15 to compliment their standard teaching supplies.)

Thankfully some news outlets aren’t shy in pointing out that unification church is often referred to as a cult. (One of which is The Sun).

But I do worry that this can be easily spun as an another case of the church in America, (and as such The Church), being pro-gun… While anti-gun marches have names like “March For Our Lives”.

I cant help but think that an event like March For Our Lives, sounds like something the church in America should be getting behind?

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