How to Heat a Christian Home

Every now and then a colder night comes along and reminds us of a simple fact of life. Its still not Summer yet, and the heating gets turned up.

But how should a Christian heat their home? We have a few ideas…

  1. Have a hot mug of Church Coffee. There’s not much taste but you’ll have heat your home if you bring enough home.
  2. Get home group over, and arrange to meet in the smallest room you have. The combined body heat, will at least warm your room up.
  3. Invite the deaconate over. The hot air will warm your home up. For weeks.
  4. Cook for EVERYONE in church. The heat from your cooker will at least warm your kitchen up. But it may also melt any chocolate you have.
  5. Spend your days and nights doing as many exercise routines that you can, you’ll be shattered, but you will probably feel warmer for it!
  6. Pews. Fire Place? Just saying…?
  7. Pray for fire to fall from heaven… and for it to fall in a safe and accurate way. Accurate, because you probably don’t want your home to burn down, due to an access amount of heavenly fire.
  8. Use those left over Bible study notes as fuel for the fire.
  9. Spend long enough watching this on your TV…

The Lent Countdown List

How Good At Lent Are You? Really? How Good are you?

In case you’ve not noticed. Its Pancake day today, therefore tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.

What are you giving up? More to the point…

How long do you think you can last?

Breaking up the 40 days of lent into 5 minute chunks, how long do you think you can keep Lent going for? Print out our below tick list to count the days you have done successfully done Lent.


Amount of Days Tick
1 > 5  |        |
6 > 10  |        |
11 > 15  |        |
16 > 20  |        |
21  > 25  |        |
26 > 30  |        |
 31 > 35  |        |
36 > 40  |        |

Sundays obviously don’t count.

Remember. If you do all 40 days with no problems, then you obviously didn’t give up anything difficult enough!


A T Shirt For A Christian GOOD at Lent?

Do you “do” Lent?

Are you “good” at Lent?

Are you thinking of giving up, not just one or two things – but ALL THE THINGS!!!????

Save time having conversations about Lent with this T Shirt!

Perfect for a humble Christian giving up EVERYTHING for Lent!

Get it (and support the Sofa), from Redbubble.

PLEASE NOTE. Its totally not me in the above picture. My hair doesn’t look that good.

Looking for a Christian Valentines Day Present?


Valentines Day is approaching. Soon.

Do you need to get someone in your life a Valentines Day present?

Do they like Teddy Bears?

Do they need encouragement to think about Jesus? (Perhaps that should be all of us.)

How about the Jesus Be My Valentine Teddy Bear?

Find it over at Amazon.  (affiliate link)

The Easter 2018 OutRage List

If Easter and Christmas have something in common, well they both have a lot in common – but as they care both Christian holidays. As such, both seasons seem to have moments of Christian outrage associated with them.

It’s a long time before Easter, but the sofa has already picked up on Twitter outrage about Easter.

So here’s the start of Easter 2018 outrage list. A list of things that Christians have got / get outraged about during Easter this year.

This list is expected to be updated.