Christian Tricks for Halloween Trick or Treating

Previously I’ve wondered what a Christian Halloween Costume may look like, but what about Trick or Treating? What if a Christian wanted to doll out tricks at Halloween? I admit most of these are based on the person at the door dishing out the tricks… this is presuming you can be quick at dishing out the tricks…

But what should should Christian Halloween tricks look like? Here’s out list*:

  1. Open the door, bash them with a Bible. Explain that will teach them for calling you a Bible basher.
  2. Answer the door in tears, explain that you’re looking for your lost coin, and beg for their help.
  3. Dress up as the Pope. Speak to them in Italian. Only Italian.**
  4. Arrange for a sheep to come out your door when it’s open. Explain that you need to run and find it.
  5. Open your door dressed up as Mark Driscoll.
  6. If you’re actually going Trick or Treating, if anyone asks for a trick, run into their house and pray in every room. In tongues. Loudly. Whilst throwing oil all over the place. Leave a church leaflet for when you go.
  7. Alternatively, form a mini choir and sing a number of worship choruses. Loudly, and out of tune. Leave with them with a leaflet saying “If you want to hear more, come to our church”.
  8. Give Bible tracts instead of sweets.

Any more you can suggest?

*All of these are a little silly. Probably best you don’t do any of these.
** Probably not as effective in Italy.

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