Things NOT to think about when worshipping

We’re told that when we worship God, we should worship in spirit and truth. Indeed, in some worship settings we’re also told to raise our hands, shout, scream, link hands with each other, jig, and so on.  While we sometimes have worship leaders there helping us focus and think on the things, sometimes our minds do wonder.

Do NOT under any circumstances think about these things during worship time. 

  1. Are my hands high enough?
  2. How long should I be standing up for until its ok to sit down?
  3. I’m I bouncing enough? (Or “I’m I to old to be bouncing this much”)
  4. I’m I singing in tune enough?
  5. I’m I changing my position to show my emotion at different points?
  6. Do I have my eyes closed enough? Or should they be open? Has everyone gone and left me to it?
  7. Should I have not sung along to the guitar solo? Was the air guitar too much?
  8. Is the blood running out of my hands? Can I lower them yet?
  9. I’m I mistaken or did I just sing the wrong words? Again.
  10. How faint should I feel before I sit down?

Anything else people shouldn’t think about?

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