List of Random Ways To Show Love And Acceptance

This post called also be called “Not celebrating your victory in other peoples faces”, “Nice Things To Make People Smile”, “How not to fight with people who have a different opinion to you”, or indeed, “How not to be a jerk”.

I’m not going to write about how messy peoples feelings can get after an election / referendum / regeneration / big political news*, as I would find myself trying to find new ways of writing the same points every few months.

So instead of trying to fight over the result of the above mentioned event, why don’t we try doing something more positive instead?

Here’s a number of ideas of different ways that we can spread love and acceptance to people around us.

Do The Flippin Dishes.

There’s no point looking after people in the neighbourhood, if you don’t take care of those nearest to you. Do the washing up every now and then.

Hit The Block Button.

We all know people that share and write stuff online that at best, you don’t agree with. At worst you wonder if they are trying to make people angry.

Why don’t we just block them? Or at least Mute them or something. Dont choose to see their stuff if they are going to make you angry.

Hand Out Free Hugs.

Something like this?


Or like this?

Drop a Letter On The Ground

Write a letter to a stranger, and leave it somewhere for them to find. Something like these guys.

Watch a Kids TV Show or a Movie.

Face it.
Kids movies are awesome. Theres normally bright colours, wide eyed characters, wonder, and songs.

Or educate yourself on the innocent wonder of Sarah and Duck…

Volunteer For A Local Charity / Organization.


Because volunteers are awesome, and there’s probably something out there you’d like doing. (I personally know of opportunities to cook, and build lego.*) If nothing else, doing something good might help to improve your CV.



Step 1. Order loads of these stickers from Amazon.facebook-like-sticker



Any other suggestions you’d like to share?

*Please delete as appropriate.

Life Explored. A Question.

For those who have done, or know about the Life Explored Course, I have a question.  I don’t mean to be sarcastic, sardonic, or cheeky, (All things I’ve been called, and possibly with good reason), but I have an actual real question.

What is this about?

Maybe I totally under planned the session I led, but I don’t get it… Our housegroup wondered if it was meant to be something about Adam and Eve, but we couldn’t quite work out how.

(If you’ve not heard of Life Explored, I’ve been told its a  bit like Christianity Explored, but I’m not sure in what way.)

The Fine For Bible Burning…

Here’s a little news item from Devon.

A man has appeared in court for racially aggravated assault and criminal damage – the criminal damage in question was burning his wife’s Bible.

The guy in question has been given a fine by the court of £666.

What are the odds?

Check out for more information.