Life Explored. A Question.

For those who have done, or know about the Life Explored Course, I have a question.  I don’t mean to be sarcastic, sardonic, or cheeky, (All things I’ve been called, and possibly with good reason), but I have an actual real question.

What is this about?

Maybe I totally under planned the session I led, but I don’t get it… Our housegroup wondered if it was meant to be something about Adam and Eve, but we couldn’t quite work out how.

(If you’ve not heard of Life Explored, I’ve been told its a  bit like Christianity Explored, but I’m not sure in what way.)

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  1. For what it’s worth I think this is probably the most ambiguous of the opening films, so it’s not just you. After the session my wife & I were reflecting on how it’s probably an allusion to God and us, especially in the opening chapters of Genesis pre-Fall. God is the boy and we are the girl. Everything is good and beautiful. But then the girl think she sees the boy do something that changes her view of him, but actually she’s misunderstood the situation. Her perspective on the situation is misinformed. Just like in the Garden of Eden, the serpent presents a false view of God and the man and the woman believe it to be true (i.e. that God isn’t good, that he has lied, etc). This is very much the theme of Episode 2, i.e. where do we get our view of God from – and what if it’s a wrong view of God?

    We found this ‘cheat sheet’ helpful ( and if you’ve not accessed the commentary videos on the Life Explored website (free once you digitally register your course), they’re really helpful as it’s basically Nate & Barry talking through each episode and how it fits together and also what is the best way to link different sections together.

    We’ve upto episode 6 and it’s proving really fruitful – one thing I think is a particular strength is how the material prompts discussion & heart-searching from believers and unbelievers alike – we’ve had some really good chats off the back of the material.

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