When Wolfenstein Meets Genesis Chapter 6

What if the 90s computer game Wolfenstein met a Bible?

What if that Bible was opened at the story of Noah?

It seems this is what the computer game would be about:

It’s been a long journey. In just a few days, the ark doors will open and Noah, his family & the animals will be back on dry land. But the animals have become a bit restless and are out of their cages. Camels, giraffes, monkeys, kangaroos and more are wandering throughout the corridors of the ark. As Noah, it’s your job to regain order & get the animals to sleep until you leave the ark. Your only tool to accomplish this is the food you brought aboard the ark. Can it be done? You bet! But how?

And this is what it would look like.

If you feel the need to try it out, Super Noah’s Ark 3D can be found on the Steam Store.

Tell Me Something Happy?

I was going to write a deep and meaningful response to the news from Manchester this week, but I’m out of words.

So therefore, I’m not going to write anything, besides, there is probably a better writer out there, that has written about Manchester far more beautifully than I could.

Therefore, I’m going to do something a little different, and kinda scary.

I’m going to ask you to leave a comment. 

Tell me something happy,

tell me about something that has made you smile recently,

tell me about something that gives you hope.

Tell me some good news. 

This could be something seemingly small, and not massively noteworthy, but if it seemed good to you, I want you to share it below. It might be a link to some good and positive news in the world.

Help me see something to smile about in the world.

Help other people smile.

Help others see some hope, love, and positivity.

Tell me something something happy. 


Things NOT to think about when being prayed for.

Things NOT to think about when being prayed for.

So you’re there.

You’re either at church, homegroup, or some other christian gathering, and you’re being prayed for. You may be surrounded by a group of people, or you may be in a corner of a room, either way you are the focus of the spiritual attention. Whatever you do. Don’t think about the following when you’re being prayed for:

  1. How attractive that woman / man praying for you might be – and why are they holding your hand anyway?
  2. Has the oven timer started ok? You dont want the dinner to be burnt / cold.
  3. Why is that persons hand so warm and clammy?
  4. Why does that person push down on your shoulder so hard?
  5. Rating peoples prayers out of 10. Don’t do this. Its not cool.
  6. Who’s that smell?
  7. “What on earth did they mean by that?”
  8. Mentally correct their grammar in your head.
  9. Whats the most prayerful way to be standing? Are you in the most holy position? Does God smile more with my arms up or my arms down?
  10. The feeling of regret that comes with having that hot curry 45 minutes before the meeting began.

Any more that you can suggest?