“Forget the poor, needy, and the dead…”

From The Trumpton Facebook Page.

Read the background on the above image over at BBC News, The Telegraph, or The Guardian.

I feel the above image sums up my feelings better then I can put into words…

I mean we should obviously get upset about the name of an Easter Egg Trail, and not benefit cuts, family breakdown, hopelessness, the state of the NHS, raising cost of living, Brexit,  uncertainty in regards to there actually being a UK, help for people with Mental Health issues, the need for foodbanks, the state of politics, chemical warfare, Peter Capaldi leaving Doctor Who, and anything else we care not to mention.

Besides, a quick google shows how far the word Easter has been removed from the Easter Egg hunt that everyone seems to be going on about…

Its there! In the web address itself!

Personally I almost miss the days in which I would launch into a sarcastic rant about the benefits of church pews over individual seats.

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