Pat Robertson defends Trump: Bragging about groping women is ‘macho’

It looks like the founder of Christian Broadcasting Network, Pat Robertson has said on his show that Donald Trump’s talk of sexual assault, was Donald Trump “trying to look like he’s macho”.

Now I cant claim to be an expert in what “macho” really looks like, but I’m fairly certain that it isn’t talking about grabbing women by their genitals.

I do not understand how Donald Trump still appears to have the general support of the American Evangelical vote, from the other side of the pond, a Christian vote for Trump appears to be more connected to political ideals then the words of Jesus.

Please feel free to explain to me how and why Christians vote for Trump, because I simply don’t get it.

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  1. I thought about supporting CBN since I watch it in the morning in my area. However, I believe that Mr. Robertson doesn’t have a clue how offensive Mr. Trump’s lewd talk and apparent actions are. What happened to family, and moral values from a Christian perspective? A 59 year old wouldn’t need to be “macho.” How and why should Pat Robertson stand behind such a disgusting person. I’m sure any other man groping at a woman’s genital area, and kissing without mutual consent would be considered sexual assault. I definitely wouldn’t want Trump near any female in family. Objectification of women is sickening! Trump is an abomination!! I don’t believe I could partner with CBN after all. Their leader is either out of touch, or doesn’t respect women. What would Jesus do? Hypocrisy!

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