Christian Halloween Costumes

We’re now well into October. Its nearly Christmas! Well, before its Christmas we first have Halloween. A time of year where (it seems that) mostly children walk around streets asking strangers for sweets, while dressed in mostly silly costumes.

How should a Christian react to Halloween? Well speaking from a costume prospective, we have a number of ideas of what costumes Christians should wear while opening their doors on Halloween.

Be a Monk!

Open the door, and pretend to be a monk. Bonus points for Monty Python impressions…


Available from amazon.

Dress like a Disciple

Yes I know that to be a Christian is to be a Disciple… but you could answer the door (or indeed go trick or treating) as an actual disciple…


Amazon Link.

You Can be Jesus!

Picture it, someone knocks on your door – it opens to the sight of plenty of white light, loud choral music, and you dressed like this…

Available from Amazon

Or alternatively… imagine turning up at a neighbor’s house dressed as Jesus, surrounded by lots of little Jesus’s…

Available from Amazon

You could always break out the flamethrowers, and get dressed up as this guy?*

Available from Amazon

*Remember kids. Dont play with fire.

Any other ideas?

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